of the teen moms in our program plan on attending college.

The Teen Moms program at CYM seeks to serve young mothers in transforming their lives. CYM believes that every teen mother deserves an opportunity to be successful. 


Each year The Teen Mom programs serve more than 20 young mothers throughout the communities of Reedley, Orange Cove, and Dinuba California. Originally CYM’s Teen Mom Program started 15 years ago with the hopes of making a big impact on young mother’s lives. 

CYM also partners with generous donors for our Transitional Program that provides support for mothers over the age of 18. CYM is able to equip teen mothers with a firm foundation in Christ and develop a positive outlook on life. This provides a stable and constructive environment for their children.


Support and guidance from facilitators and other teen mothers

Learn new skills to plan a positive future for themselves and their child

Free transportation and childcare available during program


A chance to earn a scholarship towards advancing education

Members must be: 

  • Between the ages of twelve & nineteen years old

  • Pregnant or have one child/children 

  • Enrolled in school or planning to re-enroll (high school, independent studies, adult ed., etc.)

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Our teen moms need 
your support!

 You can change the life of a young mother and her child. Join the wide community of caring donors who support CYM’s Teen Mom Program. Through your support young mothers have access to a long-term path to success.

When We Meet

Thursday's 4:30pm-6:30pm

Redeemer's Church

816 Parlier Ave, Reedley, CA
Transportation and childcare available.

Contact us at:

Email us at:  teenmoms@cym.us 

or call for more information at



Through the support of donations and volunteers, CYM is able to host a yearly weekend retreat at Calvin Crest.The weekend consists of group sessions, worship, outdoor activities, crafts, prayer, and family time. It provides a weekend that most young mothers would never experience outside of the Teen Mom Program.

“Going to retreat really made an impact in my life.  I really felt the presence of God during worship. Saturday night the power of God was there and I just felt relieved after I prayed.  Since then I have been praying every night and reading the Bible.  I would say that retreat has allowed me to let God into my life.” 

- Juanita

“Retreat helped me open up and connect with myself.  It helped me see God in a new light and we got to know one another.” 

- Melinda

“My experience at Calvin Crest was great.  One of the best parts about going was the sessions.  I feel I am attached to God spiritually now because of Calvin Crest.  I find myself praying at night and actually praying for my baby's father.” 

- Ashley

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"Going up to a new setting and being isolated from the world, having time to enjoy ourselves with our babies as well as spending time learning about God was great.  Retreat is one of the highlights of my year and I highly recommend others to come to retreat next year.  Retreat helped me grow spiritually as well as make new everlasting friendships.”  

- Brenda 

One particular success from the Teen Mom program is Brenda, who attends a group in Orange Cove.  


Brenda worked hard to return to traditional high school (rather than independent studies) after giving birth to her baby boy.  Brenda completed her education and will be attending Fresno State in the Fall.  Brenda is not only the recipient of several scholarships, but she was also awarded the Teen Success Inc scholarship for her work in our program. 


In addition, Brenda was the winner of a contest at OCHS for her successful business plan, selling baked goods.  She went on to compete at FSU and is headed to New York in October to present her business plan. 


Brenda acknowledges that the support and education from our program have contributed to her success. She started to attend the Teen Success group in the hopes of looking for a connection with other young mothers: who can relate to her story.

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