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ELP Paraeducator

As an ELP Paraeducator, you get to help facilitate the physical, social, and emotional growth of students through after-school programming. You help provide age-appropriate enrichment activities in a wide array of subjects. While building positive relationships with and between students, you ensure a safe environment during those after-school hours.

Week after week, you keep the passion for learning alive through fun and engaging activities. Students feel valued as you encourage them and praise their individual abilities. You provide consistent supervision at all times, employing effective group management techniques and using appropriate positive discipline.

Student Support Staff - Multi Shift

As a Student Support staff, you help support local school administration, as needed. Your tasks are varied and can range from supervising students from grades K-8 during transitions, to helping as needed in a classroom or office. Making the effort to connect with each student, you give them the extra individualized attention that they need to be successful in their schoolwork. Your supportive and upbeat energy helps students feel confident and capable.

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